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    Garlico Marlborough, formerly known as Piquant Garlic, has been growing garlic commercially for over 30 years. Robert Harrison-Jones and his brother Alan are 2nd generation commercial garlic growers.

    The original company, Piquant Garlic, was started by their parents, Peter and Lorna Jones, along with Peter's cousin Tony Tripe and his wife Marion.

    Robert and Alan took over the company 15 years later in 2003 and have grown the business from strength to strength.


    The business no longer grows just garlic. Now, shallots and onion seeds are also grown by Garlico Marlborough for commercial distribution. All produce are grown on about 70ha of leased land belonging to eight landowners around Blenheim.

    Garlic and shallots are sold to markets such as MG Marketing and Fresh Direct who in turn distribute them to restaurants and supermarkets across New Zealand. Some of the shallots are exported to Australia and Japan.

    Unlike the garlic and shallots, the onion seeds are grown under contract for export through a number of companies including South Pacific Seeds and Enzazaden.

    An added stream of income for the business is Agricultural Contracting, primarily Vineyard Development. During the seasonal downtime when the tractors and trailed machinery are not needed for their own land development purposes, the company puts them to good use in working with vineyard owners and other farmers. They get the land crop-ready by breaking it in, spraying it, and doing other necessary ground-work to bring the land to a plantable state.

    Check out the article, "Garlic holds its own against a sea of grapes" for more on the brothers and their growing business.

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